23 May 2017

Culture for the Future, TECHtonic 2017

TECHtonic premieres in July as the Philippines' largest tech and innovation conference

The vibrant startup scene in the country has encouraged more and more young entrepreneurs to venture into the world of business, risking the stability of corporate jobs for time freedom that entrepreneurship forebodes. Fortunately, access to capital and resources to start a business has never been easier, all thanks to the support of private venture capital groups and angel investors, business accelerators, and select government institutions. Mentorship opportunities are also very much abundant and readily available for young business owners to draw advantages from. In addition, corporations big and small alike are even more bullish in investing in tech and introducing innovative solutions to improve their business processes and capacity.

With a tech scene as energetic as ours here in the Philippines, one can say that business conferences that convene startups, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, corporate groups, and investors that have technology as focus are long overdue

Having this in mind, PMCM Events Management leads the staging of TECHtonic 2017: Manila Tech Convention "Culture for the Future." TECHtonic takes aim to be the country's largest startup conference, inviting international startup groups and investors from all over the world in one big event that highlights new technologies and innovation in the space.

Startups that qualify to join are given the chance to pitch their business ideas to a group of renowned local and international investors in a pitching competition headlined as "Startup Arena." Winning startups get to take home a guaranteed prize money and the opportunity to be mentored by the biggest names in the tech startup scene. Investors and corporate executives shall be treated to a private networking lunch and dinner hosted by the event organizers.

The event will also feature exhibits and activities from corporate partners and sponsors, talks and panels from key people in the tech startup scene, and - where the real fun is - an after-party city tour and pub crawl. Truly, this event is one that cannot be missed, especially for tech aficionados.

TECHtonic 2017: Manila Tech Convention takes place on July 29-30, 2017 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Pasay City. For more information and to register for free visit TECHtonic's website: www.techtonic.ph

Exhibitors are still welcome to join! Please call 505.3746 or 0995.281.3320.

21 May 2017

The FightCon Experience

It's been a week, and I still can't get over it.

Yeah, I was given the privilege to cover the event about FightCon. I was (and hoping to come back soon) a Karate-do practitioner way back 1999, due to the challenges of being a mom, and after two miscarriages, I forced myself to stop. 

Honestly, I missed training, A LOT! Words until now can't express how I felt (and feeling up to now) the excitement I felt during the event. Seeing all martial arts practitioners of different techniques (is that the right word to describe it? Hahaha!), actual competitors who greeted each other upon meeting at the venue, and demos being performed by participating gyms. And yes, it inspired me once again to go back into to training. 

I've got a lot of pics, but I just selected the best that I've got for this blog. 

And the first 50 who were at the venue early gets a free FightCon tumbler. 

I honestly don't know how long this guy has been playing the virtual boxing match prepared by ABS-CBN Sports Action.

The Conditioning Challenge was the first activity, getting the scores by how many repeats and how perfectly they have done it.

One of the participating gyms performing the art of Kendo with a free basic session for the willing participant.

One of the participating gyms, demonstrating "The way of Peace", Aikido.

And yeah, I spotted someone... Brandon Vera is in the house!!! Yes, he is the event partner of FightCon.

 And yes, would not let myself be left out since I got the chance.

With Sensei Donnie Geisler, after the kids from his Taekwondo training gym performed in the octagon ring. 

The pictures below are the best ones that I had, talking about positioning yourself against the light.

And I definitely agree with Brandon's speech before the tournament started, martial arts practitioners should not be training exclusively under one gym. They should be allowed to explore other crafts as well through the help of other gyms.

Sadly, it has been happening here. Once you started training under one gym, it seems you are stuck with them forever. I even heard before that before a new training gym accepts you, you need to bring a letter showing that your previous training gym is allowing you to train with the new one. Weird right?

I enjoyed the event though I was not able to see the Muay Thai tournament since my dear friend who accompanied me has a curfew and we need to go home a bit early. Hoping to be part of the next FightCon event.